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Tantalum Extraction


With the needs of high technology industry and new technology, niobium, tantalum industry got rapid development. For example, tantalum capacitor can be used in satellite, rocket, missile in electric control system and niobium has become an important raw material of superconducting alloys. These two kinds of metal also applied in the atomic energy industry. Many countries gave great attention to the production of tantalum and niobium.

Separation Method

Tantalum niobium is often accompanied by a variety of metals. Main steps: concentrate smelting, purification and separation of tantalum, niobium, get tantalum and niobium pure compounds, finally get metal.

Mineral decomposition can use hydrofluoric acid decomposition method, sodium hydroxide melting method and the chlorination process, etc. Separation of Tantalum niobium can be solvent extraction (commonly used extraction agent for methyl isobutyl copper (MIBK), tributyl phosphate (the TBP) and 2-octyl alcohol and acetamide) and fractional crystallization method and ion exchange method.


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