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Steel Slag Processing Equipments

 Why We Need Steel Slag Processing?

Steel slag, as a by-product of iron production, contains about 10% slag iron. If we do not extract it, a large number of slag steel will be washed away and the slag powder discharging also do harm to the surrounding environment. In the past, the slag was used as roadbed backfill material, utilization has been very low, it not only take up a lot of urban land, and caused serious air pollution. If we make full use of it, it will not only eliminate the pollution of the environment, but also create huge economic benefits.

The steel slag processing equipment can be used for the steel slag crushing, magnetic separation, separation, fine grinding. The extracted particle steel can be recycled for steel making, while the rest of the coarse particle can be used as aggregate of the highway pavement material. Select the iron concentrate powder from the fine grinded steel slag powder, the rest can be used as high active admixture for cement and concrete, and the mud washed down also can be used to produce steel slag brick.

 Flow of Steel Slag Processing

 Set up a elevated slag spill tray in the slag workshop, use a crane to get the liquid slag in the slag tank spilled in the slag tray. The thickness of slag layer is generally 30 to 120mm.

 Then spray appropriate amount of water to promote quench cracking. Load the slag in the slag car, drive the car to the pool spraying water for cooling, and then unloaded the slag to the pool for further cooling. Slag particle size is generally 5-100mm.

 And finally use grab catch to unload the slag to the slag processing workshop. 1. Crushing to make big particals into small pieces. 2. Ball milling to get the certain fineness slag. 3. Make the slag into the high-frequency sieve with mortar pump for sieving.4. Magnetic separation with magnetic separator, or gravity separation for non-magnetic slag. 5. Use spiral chute and shaker to get the concentrate. And the final grade can be above 64%.

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