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Maintenance of Ball Mill

Xinguang Machinery is one of the leading manufacturers in producing high efficiency and energy-saving mining machinery in Henan Province, China. We mainly provide ball mills, stone crushers, magnetic separators, floatation machines, pelletizers, vibrating feeders, vibrating screens, sand-washing machines, belt conveyors, driers and rotary kilns.
As a professional ball mill manufacture, Xinguang will introduce the maintenance of ball mill here.

1. All lubricants in the ball mill should be all released. When the ball mill continuous operation in a mnth. Thoroughly cleaned  and replace with new oil. Oil should be change once every six months in the future.
2. Lubrication situation of all lubrication points and oil level should be checked at least every four hours.
3. When ball mill operation, the main bearing oil temperature dose not exceed 55 celcius degree. Drive bearing and gearhead temperature dose not exceed 55 celcius degree, the max not exceed 60 celcius degree.
4. Large and small gear transmission is smooth, no abnormal noise. When necessary should timely adjust the gap.
5. Ball mill running smoothly, without strong shock.
6. Motor current should be no abnormal fluctuations.
7. Each connecting fastener no looseness, no oil leaking in the joint surface, no water leakage phenomenon.
8. Steel ball need to add in accordance with the wear pattern.
9. The big gear surface wear to a certain degree may continue to use flip. The small gear seriously damaged should be replaced.
10. Spiral wear should be welding repair and replace in time.

In order to detect deficiency to eliminate hidden dangers, ensure the ball mill normal operation, in addition to routine maintenance, it also need to stop grinding, recommended once a month, for critical components such as hollow shaft, main bearing, cylinder, gears make serious examination and detailed records. According to the defects condition arrange repairment plan.

Xinguang adopts imported material and and advanced technics for our product manufacturing. We expect your choice and prepare to provide you with heartfelt service at any time. Welcome to visit our factory.

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