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Energy Saving Ball Mill Improves Reliability of Ball Mill

In the past, the majority of the ball mill used spoon head joint feeder which is heavy and bulky with big eccentric and the friction and impact with sedimentary ore during dredging make the ball mill to produce periodic eccentric load and impact load, so the motor runs at varying load conditions. It not only increase the capacity and current fluctuations are large, showing a variable motion with half-cycle acceleration and deceleration. The load has big affaction on the main bearing wear, the force of coupling bolts of the cylinder, the size of the gear meshing and the heat of electric motor and shorten ball mills' service life. So the renewal from normal ball mills to enery saving ones is much need by customers.

The energy saving ball mill is able to solve the insufficient of non energy saving ball mills. Using a drum-shaped feeder can avoid the above drawbacks, but it need to transform the sand return system of classifier and extend classifier tank, adjust the angle, changing the distance between the ball mill and the classifier, add a automatic sand return device on the upper of classifier, discharge from the upper classifier.

1. Material feeding: After the materials are roughly crushed, they will be fed into the ball mills.
2. Impact grinding: when the milling chamber is rotating at high speed, grinding medium and grind-need materials, which are also rotating, will impact with each other; thus to achieve impact grinding for materials;
3. Classification: after the materials are crushed, they will be discharged into self-diffluent classifiers. And then the relatively coarse and fine powders will be separated. Qualified powders will be collected; and unqualified powders will be re-crushed.
Note: Cleaned gas will be discharged by induced draft fans.

After transmission of energy saving ball mill, it not only improves the reliability and maintainability of the ball mill. And there is significant energy savings.

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