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Categories of Magnetic Separator

Magnetic separation is choose by the difference of magnetic mineral grain. When mineral grains  and gangue particles  through the magnetic fields of magnetic separator, due to the ore grains magnetic is different, under the effect of magnetic field, the movement way is different. Magnetic particles is attached on the drum of magnetic separator by magnetic attraction, with the drum was brought to a certain height, break away from magnetic field by using high pressure flushing water fall from drum.

 Non-magnetic namely gangue particles in magnetic field from the magnetic attraction, so can't adhere to the drum. To get two kinds of products, one kind is magnetic products enter the concentration box, one kind is nonmagnetic products into the tailings boxes. 

The magnet includes artificial and natural, Artificial magnet is divided into two kinds: one kind is permanent magnet; The other is electromagnet. The difference between the two is  permanent magnet is made by magnetic material (e,g magnetic alloy, ceramic magnets, etc). Electromagnet is wind coil at outside of iron core, inlet direct current produce magnetic, magnetic disappear when the power is cut off.

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